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The ISS papers will be published in a special issue of Physica C (Elsevier B.V.) and in an online issue of Physics Procedia (Elsevier B.V.). The proceedings will be produced as a CD-ROM of the published content in both Physica C and Physics Procedia. Only original and unpublished manuscripts will be accepted for publication after reviewing by the Editorial Committee.

Introduction for Authors

ISS2014 papers will be published in an online issue of Physics Procedia (Elsevier) to be published in June 2015 and in a special issue of Physica C (Elsevier) to be published in October 2015.
All papers accepted will be indexed by Science Direct, EI Compendex, and Scopus.

Only papers presented at the symposium will be considered for publication. All the authors are requested to submit papers to Physics Procedia online from Oct. 25 to Nov. 19, 2014.
In addition all the authors are requested to submit a copy of receipt e-mail (auto reply form when you submit the paper online) and Ticket for Submission of Manuscripts (a stub of the name card that will be supplied at the registration desk on site) at Editorial Office (on site). The name of the ticket should be one of coauthors. There must be a separate registered author for each paper submitted.

Papers will undergo a strict peer review process by reviewers selected by the Program Committee. Only papers containing critical results of the highest quality will be accepted for publication. Manuscripts should not have been previously submitted, accepted, or published elsewhere. They are not allowed to contain copyrighted materials published elsewhere. The length of the articles is limited to 4 pages in camera ready format.

About 50 papers will be selected by the Program Committee on the basis of the submitted manuscrpts for submission to Physica C after revision as full papers.
You are requested to clearly indicate your will when you submit your paper whether you would like to switch to Physica C if you are recommended.
The authors recommended to submit papers to Physica C will be contacted personally by the Editorial Office with directions about the preparation and online submission via Elsevier’s Editorial System (EES). Manuscripts can be submitted from Dec. 22, 2014; the submission deadline is Jan. 23, 2015. The length of the articles is limited to 6 printed pages. The recommendation by the Program Committee does not guarantee the publication in Physics C. The paper will be reviewed as an ordinary paper submitted to Physica C.
Please notice that in case our paper is rejected by the peer review of Physica C, your paper is not published in Physics Procedia, either.

The published papers on both Physics Procedia and Physica C will be produced as ISS2014 Proceedings (CD).

Please note that you are requested to see  “Flow of Submission process”.

Submission of Manuscripts

Important Dates

Oct. 25 - Nov. 19, 2014

Online submission to Physics Procedia
Nov. 25 - 27, 2014

On site submission of a copy of receipt e-mail and Ticket for Submission of Manuscripts
Dec. 22, 2014 - Jan. 23, 2015

EES submission to Physica C

Guide for Submission

Manuscripts should be prepared using the template Word file provided below. A PDF file should be submitted. The length of papers is limited to 4 pages in the Physics Procedia. The file size must be less than 10 MB.
After the paper is accepted for publication, the original Word file should be submitted.

  1. Procedia manuscript template

  2. Online submission
    Please title your files as “ISS2014_your program number”. (e.g., ISS2014_SAP_001.pdf)
    Note that the deadline for submission is Nov. 19, 2014.

  3. Corrected or amended versions of your paper

If you need to make a change to your paper, you may submit an amended version of your manuscript following the same rules as for first submission, and title your file as “ISS2014_your program number + “R1” ”.  (e.g., ISS2014_SAP_001_R1.pdf)
We will then replace the previous version of your paper with the amended one.
After Nov. 19, 2014, this will not be possible.