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The International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2014) will consist of oral and poster sessions, covering the latest findings and related topics in the following research fields of superconductivity science and technology. This year we will start a new session with help of IEA-HTS-IA. This special session for young generation which aims to  motivate the Youth, 35Years old (as of 2015 March 31) with the broad aspects of discussion with their opinion of future energy use or applicaion and their research work. We hope for your application.

(a)   Physics and Chemistry
 a-1 Physics and Chemistry: Material Chemistry
 a-2 Physics and Chemistry: Physical Properties
 a-3 Physics and Chemistry: Vortex physics
 a-4 Physics and Chemistry: Bulks
(b-5)   Wires, Tapes and Characterization
New materials and processing, Critical current, Weak links, Mechanical properties, AC loss, and Standardization.
(c-6)   Films, Junctions and Electronic Devices
Film and junction processing, Characterization, Device physics, SQUIDs, High-frequency devices, Digital devices, Detectors, Quantum bits, System applications, and Standardization.
(d-7)   Large Scale System Applications
Magnets, SMES, Motors and generators, Cables, FCLs, Bearings, and Flywheels, etc. using HTS and LTS materials.
(e-8)   IEA-HTS-IA and ISS Joint Special Session for Young Generation
Speech Theme “My Research Work and Prospect of Future Energy”: your study in any fields and your opinion for the future energy society.