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1st of July 2013, ISTEC Secretariat has moved to "Kanagawa Science Park(KSP)".Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Pref.. (See; “Contact Us” .
At the same time, SRL has changed her organization, and sets up “HTS Conductor Processing & Power Applications Div.” and “ Materials / Physics & Electronic Devices Div. Both will also move to KSP and new "Hiyoshi Lab." by mid-August.

International Workshop on Novel Superconductors and Super Materials 2013
ISTEC attended the ASC International Conference.
The Nikkei (front-page feature of the evening edition), published 7th September 2012, featured articles on ISTEC’s R&D activities.
The latest issue of OPTICS+ELECTRONICS (O PLUS E) featured an article highlighting the R&D activities of ISTEC.
Physica C accepted journal manuscript submitted by Adachi, Senior Research Scientist.
“Tech-On”, an online publication of Nikkei BP, featured the Superconductivity Research Laboratory, ISTEC.
ISTEC attended the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference ? International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICEC24-ICMC2012).
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