Late News Abstract of submission

* New 1: Call for "Late news session" in ISS; categories below (a)-(d).
Pre-registration is required to submit a late news abstract submission.
Only poster presentation is available from categories below (a)-(d).
Submission is available until Septempber 30, 2015

* New 2: Elongated deadline of (e) IEA-HTS-IA.
We accept the applicant till September 30, 2015.
Please contact or send e-mail for our office (, with your abstract.

Authors are requested to see the Categories and Instruction below.


(a) Physics and Chemistry
 a-1 Physics and Chemistry: Material Chemistry [PC session]
 a-2 Physics and Chemistry: Physical Properties [PC session]
 a-3 Physics and Chemistry: Vortex physics [VP session]
 a-4 Physics and Chemistry: Bulks [PC session]
(b) Wires, Tapes and Characterization [WT session]
New materials and processing, Critical current, Weak links, Mechanical properties, AC loss, and Standardization.
(c) Films, Junctions and Electronic Devices [FD session]
Film and junction processing, Characterization, Device physics, SQUIDs, High-frequency devices, Digital devices, Detectors, Quantum bits, System applications, and Standardization.
(d) Large Scale System Applications [SA session]
Magnets, SMES, Motors and generators, Cables, FCLs, Bearings, and Flywheels, etc. using HTS and LTS materials.

Please register before you submit an abstract.

Instruction for Abstract-preparation

・ Each submission needs a registered presenter.
・ Each presenter cannot present more than one paper.
・ The Abstract should be typed in English (Font: Times New Roman).
・ The title is requested to consist of less than 180 characters,18 pt, bold style and center alignment.
・ Names and affiliations of all authors must be noted (14 pt, center alignment).
・ The Abstract body is requested to consist of less than 1600 characters (11 pt).
・ The abstract should be prepared in a camera-ready style in one page of A4 size and should be submitted in a PDF format. (<1MB)
・ A figure can be attached within a page.
(It is possible to use color for a figure.)
・ Please download the template below.

ISS2015 Secretariat email: