IEA-HTS-IA and ISS Joint session

IEA-HTS-IA and ISS Joint Special Session for Young Generation will be held to motivate the youth, under 35 years old (as of March 31, 2016), with the broad aspects of discussion about future energy use or application and their research work. This session is subsidized by IEA-HTS-IA (International Energy Agency - High Temperature Superconductivity -Implementing Agreement). We hope for your attendance.

Qualification of IEA-HTS-IA and ISS Joint Special Session for Young Generation

  • Under 35 years old as of March 31, 2016. Please fill in your age at that time on the abstract form.
  • One who can submit the abstract whose format is the same as the normal presentation.
  • One who can present his/her research work, prospect and opinion for our energy society in the future. Principally, 10 min. is allotted for the presentation. *( Your opinion for the future perspective should cover more than half of that time). The rest of the time should be used for discussion with the special session committee members and session chairman.

*Notice: The allotted presentation time depends on the number of applicants. If we have many applications, we will have to select the presenters due to a limited session time. All applicants will be informed of the result after the elongated deadline and the presentation details will be also informed at that time.

Privilege for Applicants

  • Registration fee
    • ISS Registration fee will be FREE if you present only in this session (IEA-HTS-IA will pay for it) while you need the fee if you also present in the ISS session. In either case, please register from the link below for our management procedure.
  • IEA-HTS-IA Certification and Award
    • Best Presenter and the runners-up Award:
      Special examiner committee for this session and session chairman will select the superior ones:
      Best presenter and the runners-up award winner will be given a special IEA-HTS-IA certification.
    • Participant Award:
      All participants in the session (who will be selected if many applications come) are also awarded.
  • The detail will be announced on the day of ISS (Nov. 17th).

Obligation for the awarded

  • Visit the sites of a company, laboratory, institute related to your presentation and later report the articles with your opinion in the presentation, which will be posted in the IEA-HTS-IA and ISS home pages.

Application & Abstract

Please contact or send e-mail for our office (, with your abstract.

Please note that we may cancel this session in case there are not enough applications.
E-mail : IEA-ISS Joint Session