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Tuesday, November 17, 11:00 - 18:00
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TOWER HALL FUNABORI, Exhibition Hall (1F)


AOV Co., Ltd.

AOV produces thin film deposition systems and laser processing systems that are each customized to meet the requirements of diverse customers.
The products,

  • Multi PVD (Sputter/E-Beam/IBAD/PLD) thin film deposition system for HTS
  • Pulse laser micromachining system for Metal tape cutting and trimming.
  • In Oxygen High Temperature Substrate Heating system for HTS
  • Large Magnetron Sputter Target Gun for high temperature condition (over 700℃)



Foresight Techno is an Engineering service and Value-added reseller company of electronics and mechanical equipment/components in Japan. We are proud of having deep expertise in laser machining and vacuum deposition.

Show piece : Vacuum components


SuNAM Co., Ltd.

SuNAM, a green energy technology company, has been developing cutting-edge products based on superconducting materials and advanced materials since 2004. SuNAM manufactures highly energy efficient and cost effective second-generation superconducting (2G HTS) wires and high field superconducting magnets. SuNAM's 2G HTS wires show minimum Ic of 200 A per 4 mm width @ 77 K, self field. High performance superconducting cables, motors, magnets and fault current limiters can be fabricated by SuNAM's 2G HTS wire. With in-depth experiences from superconducting magnet fabrication, SuNAM also provides technical services to help customers to build superconducting systems.


SuperPower Inc., Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
http://www.superpower-inc.com, http://www.furukawa.co.jp

SuperPower Inc. is a world leading developer and producer of second-generation high-temperature superconducting (2G HTS) wire, providing enormous advantages over conventional conductors of electricity - high efficiency, high energy density, smart grid compatible, clean, green, safe and secure. Areas of application include energy and medical technologies, transportation, military, aerospace, science and research. In addition to the enabling HTS wire, SuperPower also offers 2G HTS-based coils designed and built to customer specifications.
Formed in 2000, SuperPower is a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


GTI Consortium / Shibaura Institute of Technology

 In a borderless society, higher education should not be led by one university, but instead, should be conducted in partnership with universities around the world specializing in a range of disciplines, as well by collaborating with global industries.
 Based on such principles, we are proposing the establishment of the Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium.
 GTI Consortium aims to promote international collaborations between technical universities and companies based in Japan and Southeast Asian countries in order to jointly cultivate pedagogy and prepare global-minded human resources with multi-faceted perspectives that drive technological innovations worldwide.
 SIT will serve as the base for all GTI activities to facilitate knowledge sharing between higher educational institutions, public agencies and global industries