Poster presentation

Attendance by at least one of the co-authors is requested for the first 40 minutes of the poster session. Therefore, one author cannot present more than one poster in a poster session. Only papers presented by authors are considered for publication in the proceedings. The attendance should be confirmed by chairpersons of the poster session.

The available space is 180 cm wide and 120 cm high. Please mount your material on the panel that your program number is posted. All the material should be described in English.

Please prepare a poster label (115 cm wide and 21 cm high) that contains the title, author names and affiliations. Captions are required for all figures, photographs and tables.

Thumbtacks will be available from the symposium secretariat.

Recommended sizes (heights) of letters for the panel text

Title, Authors and Affiliations 25 - 30 mm ( 70 - 85 pt)
Headings 15 - 20 mm ( 42 - 58 pt)
Text and Captions* 10 - 13 mm ( 28 - 38 pt)
* Captions are required for all figures, photographs and tables.

Schedule for poster presentations

Mounting Nov. 16th. 14:00 ~ 15:40 Nov. 18th. 11:30 ~ 13:40
Poster Session Nov. 16th. 15:40 ~ 17:40 Nov. 18th. 13:40 ~ 15:40
Removing Nov. 16th. 17:40 ~ 18:30 Nov. 18th. 15:40 ~ 16:30


If you want to withdraw your presentation for some kind of reasons, please inform ISS2015 secretariat in advance. Especially for poster presentations, please inform by October 16, 2015 because the number of panels or the layout should be changed.